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Berghahn Journals: New Issues Published in August




The International Journal of Travel and Travel Writing

Volume 17, Issue 1

This issue examines topics such as alienation and melancholia in George William Curtis’s Lotus-Eating, the role of subjectivity in Elizabeth Justice’s A Voyage to Russia and Amelia, and travel narratives of sexual captivity in rabbinic literature. The issue also includes an In Memoriam section dedicated to the late Jeremy Boissevain and concludes with a review article and book reviews.

French Politics, Culture & Society

Volume 34, Issue 2

The articles here hope to push beyond a political history of colonial Algeria that assumes a clear contrast between settlers and colonized, instead attending to other social hierarchies and calling for a renewal of Algerian history. This issue concludes with a review essay and book reviews.


Conflict and Society

Advances in Research

Volume 2

The current volume features a Reflections section, dealing with topics such as security and surveillance, xenophobia in the refugee crisis, and cruelty and suffering. The volume also includes three special sections: Displacement and Emplacement, Resistance to Transitional Justice, and  Bosnia-Herzegovina: Post-Conflict Dynamics. These sections are followed by book reviews.


Girlhood Studies

An Interdisciplinary Journal

Volume 9, Issue 2

This issue includes a Special Section on Indigenous Girls, which amalgamates various genres of writing and creative productions such as articles, poetry, personal essay, and review. These pieces aim to support the endeavor of decolonizing knowledge in both theory and practice.


Learning and Teaching

The International Journal of Higher Education in the Social Sciences

Volume 9, Issue 2

This special issue focuses on new social media in higher education, exploring the dialectical relationship between knowledge as information and knowledge as creative, social process. With platforms such as Facebook, streamed lectures, TED talks, and Moodle becoming more widespread, this issue questions the potential impact of new social media on teaching and learning in higher education.


Anthropology in Action

Journal for Applied Anthropology in Policy and Practice

Volume 23, Issue 2

This is Part Two of a special issue exploring how communities of practice inform global sustainability. This second set of articles focuses on the Global South, specifically South America and South Asia,. The authors discuss communities of practice within and beyond anthropological frameworks, to illustrate how participatory researchers, students, policy and community leaders, and the broader public, come to engage in community-based transformational sustainability research and practice.


Regions and Cohesion

Regiones y Cohesión / Régions et Cohésion

Volume 6, Issue 2: Women, Peace and Development

This special issue concerns the inclusion of women in peace and development. The centerpiece of this issue, entitled “From war to development: Women leading the nation,” discusses the themes of intrastate violence, terrorism, and peace building policies. The issue then builds on these messages and explores the role of women in peace and development in a variety of policy arenas.


Religion and Society

Advances in Research

Volume 7

Crossing time periods and geographical regions, from Melanesia to China and back to India, this volume spans some of the most critical methods and theories in the study of religion today. This volume considers how religion makes itself manifest in multiple contexts, intersecting with issues of artistry, politics, economics, life history, gender, and cognizance.