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Berghahn Books at SCMS 2019 Conference!

We are delighted to inform you that we will be attending the 60th Society for Cinema & Media Studies Conference in Seattle, Washington on March 13th to 17th, 2019. Please stop by our stand to meet the editor, browse our latest selection of books at discounted prices and pick up free journal samples.

If you are unable to attend, we would like to provide you with a special discount offer. For the next 30 days, receive a 25% discount on all Film & Media Studies titles found on our website. At checkout, simply enter the discount code SCMS19.

Visit our website­ to browse our newly published interactive online Film & Media Studies 2019 Catalog or use the new enhanced subject searching features­ for a complete listing of all published and forthcoming titles. Also available is FULL ACCESS to our journal, Projections until 3/31. Access code and instructions are below.

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Sofia Coppola: The Politics of Visual PleasureSOFIA COPPOLA
The Politics of Visual Pleasure
Anna Backman Rogers


Drawing on insights from feminist philosophy and psychology, the author here takes an original approach to Coppola, exploring vital themes from the subversion of patriarchy in The Virgin Suicides to the “female gothic” in The Beguiled.

Read Introduction: The Surface of The Image is Political


Polish Cinema: A History2nd, Updated Edition

A History
Marek Haltof


This thoroughly revised and updated edition takes stock of these dramatic shifts to provide an essential account of Polish cinema from the nineteenth century to today, covering such renowned figures as Kieślowski, Skolimowski, and Wajda along with vastly expanded coverage of documentaries, animation, and television, all set against the backdrop of an ever-more transnational film culture.

Read Introduction


Lessons in Perception: The Avant-Garde Filmmaker as Practical PsychologistOPEN ACCESS!

The Avant-Garde Filmmaker as Practical Psychologist
Paul Taberham


Lessons in Perception melds film theory and cognitive science in a stimulating investigation of the work of iconic experimental artists such as Stan Brakhage, Robert Breer, Maya Deren, and Jordan Belson.



Humanitarianism and Media: 1900 to the PresentHUMANITARIANISM AND MEDIA
1900 to the Present
Edited by Johannes Paulmann

Volume 9, New German Historical Perspectives


Humanitarianism & Media brings together scholars from a variety of backgrounds to offer an unprecedented exploration of the history behind humanitarian efforts and the media, spanning from the late nineteenth century to the present day.

Read Humanitarianism and Media: Introduction to an Entangled History


Screened Encounters: The Leipzig Documentary Film Festival, 1955-1990SCREENED ENCOUNTERS
The Leipzig Documentary Film Festival, 1955-1990
Caroline Moine
Edited by Skyler J. Arndt-Briggs

NEW SERIES: Volume 1, Film and the Global Cold War


Established in 1955, the Leipzig Film Festival’s location in the GDR deeply implicated it in the cultural and political competition between East and West Germany. Screened Encounters offers a comprehensive study of the festival’s history, as well as its influence on international relations during the Cold War.

Read Introduction: A Festival at the Heart of the Cold War


Persistently Postwar: Media and the Politics of Memory in JapanPERSISTENTLY POSTWAR
Media and the Politics of Memory in Japan
Edited by Blai Guarné, Artur Lozano-Méndez, and Dolores P. Martinez


Through a series of stimulating case studies, this volume examines the political and cultural representations of Japan’s past, showing how they have reinforced personal and collective narratives while also formulating new cultural meanings, both on a local scale and in the context of transnational media production and consumption.



Screening Art: Modernist Aesthetics and the Socialist Imaginary in East German CinemaSCREENING ART
Modernist Aesthetics and the Socialist Imaginary in East German Cinema
Seán Allan

Volume 20, Film Europa


Spanning newsreels, documentaries, and feature films, Screening Art is the first full-length investigation into a genre that has been largely overlooked in studies of DEFA, the state-owned Eastern German film studio. As it shows, “artist-films” played an essential role in the development of new paradigms of socialist art in postwar Europe.

Read Introduction: Texts and Contexts


Monetising the Dividual Self: The Emergence of the Lifestyle Blog and Influencers in MalaysiaMONETISING THE DIVIDUAL SELF
The Emergence of the Lifestyle Blog and Influencers in Malaysia
Julian Hopkins

Volume 8, Anthropology of Media


Combining theoretical and empirical discussions with shorter “thick description” case studies, this book offers an anthropological exploration of the emergence in Malaysia of lifestyle bloggers – precursors to current social media “microcelebrities” and “influencers.”

Read Introduction: Anthroblogia: Participant Observation and Blogging in Malaysia


Empire of Pictures: Global Media and the 1960s Remaking of American Foreign PolicyNew in Paperback

Global Media and the 1960s Remaking of American Foreign Policy
Sönke Kunkel

Volume 8, Explorations in Culture and International History


“Kunkel provides an empirically grounded framework for understanding the United States as an imperial power that cultivated recognition through pictures.”Diplomatic History

Read Introduction: Why Empires Need Pictures


Dreams of Germany: Musical Imaginaries from the Concert Hall to the Dance FloorLISTED AS ONE OF HISTORY TODAY’S BEST HISTORY BOOKS OF 2018

Musical Imaginaries from the Concert Hall to the Dance Floor
Edited by Neil Gregor and Thomas Irvine

Volume 18, Spektrum: Publications of the German Studies Association


Through case studies that range from Bruckner to the Beatles and from symphonies to dance-club music, this volume looks at how German musicians and their audiences responded to the most significant developments of the twentieth century, including mass media, technological advances, fascism, and war on an unprecedented scale.

Read Introduction


Desires for Reality: Radicalism and Revolution in Western European FilmNew in Paperback

Radicalism and Revolution in Western European Film
Benjamin Halligan


As with many aspects of European cultural life, film was galvanized and transformed by the revolutionary fervor of 1968. This groundbreaking study provides a full account of the era’s cinematic crises, innovations, and provocations, as well as the social and aesthetic contexts in which they appeared.

Read Chapter 1. “All All All”


The Virago Story: Assessing the Impact of a Feminist Publishing PhenomenonTHE VIRAGO STORY
Assessing the Impact of a Feminist Publishing Phenomenon
Catherine Riley

Volume 23, Protest, Culture & Society
This engaging history explains how, from modest beginnings, Virago managed to weather epochal transformations in gender politics, literary culture, and the book publishing business. Drawing on original interviews with many of the press’s principal figures, it gives a compelling account of Virago’s place in recent women’s history while also reflecting on the fraught relationship between activism and commerce.

Read Introduction


Museum Websites and Social Media: Issues of Participation, Sustainability, Trust and DiversityNew in Paperback

Issues of Participation, Sustainability, Trust and Diversity
Ana Luisa Sánchez Laws

Volume 8, Museums and Collections


“This monograph should be praised for combining theoretical discussions with operable advice and examples, thus equipping a mixed audience of students, researchers and practitioners to navigate the varied and demanding space of digital heritage.” International Journal of Heritage Studies

Read Introduction


Archaeogaming: An Introduction to Archaeology in and of Video GamesARCHAEOGAMING
An Introduction to Archaeology in and of Video Games
Andrew Reinhard


This book serves as a general introduction to “archaeogaming”; it describes the intersection of archaeology and video games and applies archaeological method and theory into understanding game-spaces as both site and artifact.

Read Introduction


Curating Live Arts: Critical Perspectives, Essays, and Conversations on Theory and PracticeCURATING LIVE ARTS
Critical Perspectives, Essays, and Conversations on Theory and Practice
Edited by Dena Davida, Marc Pronovost, Véronique Hudon, and Jane Gabriels


Curating Live Arts brings together bold and innovative essays from an international group of theorist-practitioners to pose vital questions, propose future visions, and survey the landscape of this rapidly evolving discipline.

Read A Collective Introduction



Berghahn Journals


ProjectionsNEW IN 2018!

The Journal for Movies and Mind
Editor: Ted Nannicelli, University of Queensland

Current Issue: Symposium on Murray Smith’s Film, Art, and the Third Culture

Expires 3/31/19
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Screen BodiesScreen Bodies
An Interdisciplinary Journal of Experience, Perception, and Display
Editor: Brian Bergen-Aurand, Bellevue College, Washington


Current Issue: Vol. 2, Issue 2




Journal of Educational Media, Memory, and SocietyJournal of Educational Media, Memory, and Society

Editor: Eckhardt Fuchs, Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research


Current Issue: Vol. 10, Issue 2





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