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Berghahn Books at SAA 2019 Conference!

Image result for society of american archeologyWe are delighted to inform you that we will be attending the Society for American Archaeology (SAA) 84th annual meeting in Albuquerque, New Mexico on April 10 – 14, 2019. Please stop by our Booth #302 to browse our latest selection of books at special discounted prices and pick up free journal samples.


If you are unable to attend, we would like to provide you with a special discount offer. For the next 30 days, receive a 25% discount on all Archaeology titles found on our website. At checkout, simply enter the discount code SAA2019.


Visit our website­ to browse new enhanced subject searching features­ for a complete listing of titles and don’t forget about our expanding list of eBooks available for download directly via our site. Visit our Archaeology eBook site.



Archaeogaming: An Introduction to Archaeology in and of Video GamesARCHAEOGAMING
An Introduction to Archaeology in and of Video Games
Andrew Reinhard


This book serves as a general introduction to “archaeogaming”; it describes the intersection of archaeology and video games and applies archaeological method and theory into understanding game-spaces as both site and artifact.

Read Introduction



Public Engagement and Education: Developing and Fostering Stewardship for an Archaeological FuturePUBLIC ENGAGEMENT AND EDUCATION
Developing and Fostering Stewardship for an Archaeological Future
Edited by Katherine M. Erdman


Contributors to this volume share effective approaches for engaging and educating learners of all ages about archaeology and how one can encourage them to become stewards of the past.

Read Introduction: Opening a Dialog: Bringing Archaeology to the Public



The Man Who Invented Aztec Crystal Skulls: The Adventures of Eugène BobanTHE MAN WHO INVENTED AZTEC CRYSTAL SKULLS
The Adventures of Eugène Boban
Jane MacLaren Walsh and Brett Topping


“An excellent biography of a little-known but important figure in the nineteenth-century history of American archaeology…”Norman Hammond, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, Cambridge University

Read Introduction: On the Trail of Crystal Skulls



At Home on the Waves: Human Habitation of the Sea from the Mesolithic to TodayAT HOME ON THE WAVES
Human Habitation of the Sea from the Mesolithic to Today
Edited by Tanya J. King and Gary Robinson

Volume 24, Environmental Anthropology and Ethnobiology


Contemporary public discourses about the ocean are routinely characterized by scientific and environmentalist narratives that imagine and idealize marine spaces in which humans are absent. In contrast, this collection explores the variety of ways in which people have long made themselves at home at sea, and continue to live intimately with it.

Read Introduction: At Sea in the Twenty-First Century


Archaeologies of Rules and Regulation: Between Text and PracticeARCHAEOLOGIES OF RULES AND REGULATION
Between Text and Practice
Edited by Barbara Hausmair, Ben Jervis, Ruth Nugent, and Eleanor Williams


Covering areas as diverse as the use of space in a nineteenth-century U.S. Army camp, the deposition of waste in medieval towns, the experiences of Swedish migrants to North America, the relationship between people and animals in Anglo-Saxon England, these case studies explore the use of archaeological evidence in understanding the relationship between rules, lived experience, and social identity.

Read Introduction: Archaeologies of Rules and Regulation: An Introduction



House of the Waterlily: A Novel of the Ancient Maya WorldHOUSE OF THE WATERLILY
A Novel of the Ancient Maya World
Kelli Carmean


Set in the Maya civilization’s Late Classic Period House of the Waterlily is a historical novel centered on Lady Winik, a young Maya royal. Through tribulations that mirror the political calamities of the Late Classic world, Winik’s personal story immerses the reader not only in her daily life, but also in the difficult decisions Maya men and women must have faced as they tried to navigate a rapidly changing world.



Island Historical Ecology: Socionatural Landscapes of the Eastern and Southern CaribbeanISLAND HISTORICAL ECOLOGY
Socionatural Landscapes of the Eastern and Southern Caribbean
Edited by Peter E. Siegel


In the first book-length treatise on historical ecology of the West Indies, Island Historical Ecology addresses Caribbean island ecologies from the perspective of social and cultural interventions over approximately eight millennia of human occupations.




The Southeast Asia Connection: Trade and Polities in the Eurasian World Economy, 500 BC–AD 500THE SOUTHEAST ASIA CONNECTION
Trade and Polities in the Eurasian World Economy, 500 BC–AD 500
Sing C. Chew


This book recalibrates these interactions of Southeast Asia with other parts of the world economy, and gives the region its due instead of treating it as little more than of marginal interest.

Read Introduction: Southeast Asia in World History: Macrohistorical Considerations and World System History



World Heritage Craze in China: Universal Discourse, National Culture, and Local MemoryWORLD HERITAGE CRAZE IN CHINA
Universal Discourse, National Culture, and Local Memory
Haiming Yan


World Heritage Craze in China makes a unique contribution to Chinese heritage preservation, demonstrating the application and impact of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage and the present state of the art in this area… This monograph challenges the reader and the profession to reconsider Chinese cultural heritage preservation, and its characteristics and relations with politics and society in China.”Antiquity

Read Introduction



Social DNA: Rethinking Our Evolutionary PastSOCIAL DNA
Rethinking Our Evolutionary Past
M. Kay Martin


Social DNA presents a new synthesis of ideas on human social origins based upon the evolution of behavioral plasticity and the process of multilevel selection. What set our ancestors off on a separate evolutionary trajectory – what made them human – was the ability to flex their reproductive and social strategies in response to changing environmental conditions.

Read Introduction: Some Givens


International Monographs in Prehistory: Archaeological Series


Communities, Landscapes, and Interaction in Neolithic GreeceVolume 20

Edited by Apostolos Sarris, Evita Kalogiropoulou, Tuna Kalayci, and Evagelia Karimali


This volume provides a synthetic overview of recent developments in the study of Neolithic Greece and reconsiders the dynamics of human-environment interactions while recording the growing diversity in layers of social organization.

Read Chapter 1. Communities, Landscapes, and Interaction: An Introduction


Natufian Foragers in the Levant: Terminal Pleistocene Social Changes in Western AsiaVolume 19

Terminal Pleistocene Social Changes in Western Asia
Ofer Bar-Yosef and François R. Valla


This large volume presents virtually all aspects of the Epipalaeolithic Natufian culture in a series of chapters that cover recent results of field work, analyses of materials and sites, and synthetic or interpretive overviews of various aspects of this important prehistoric culture.


The Benefit of the Gift: Social Organization and Expanding Networks of Interaction in the Western Great Lakes ArchaicVolume 18

Social Organization and Expanding Networks of Interaction in the Western Great Lakes Archaic
Mark Andrew Hill


Archaeological data from the Late Archaic (4000-2000 years ago) in the Western Great Lakes are analyzed to understand the production and movement of copper and lithic exchange materials. Also considered in this volume are access to and benefits from exchange networks, as well as social changes accompanying the development of extensive, continental scale, exchange systems of interaction in this period.


For a full selection of volumes in the series and manuscript submission procedure please visit series webpage.

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Cover Museum WorldsMuseum Worlds

Advances in Research


Responding to the need for a rigorous, in-depth review of current work in its field, Museum Worlds: Advances in Research contributes to the ongoing formation of Museum Studies as an academic and practical area of research that is rapidly expanding and alive with potential, opportunity, and challenge that parallels the rapid growth of museums in just about every part of the world.

Featured Issue: Current Approaches to Museum Archaeology



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