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Announcing the Redesign of the Berghahn Journals Platform!


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We are pleased to announce that Berghahn Journals has launched a streamlined redesign of our online journals platform. The new site features a cleaner, clearer layout designed to guide readers to articles and keep the emphasis on the high-quality content published by our journals. In addition, Librarians and Authors will now be able to easily find answers to any questions they may have in the updated Resources section.





Some of the features inclSA Page (2)uded in the site redesign include:

·    A dynamic, user-friendly homepage to help visitors find their way to relevant content, featuring a carousel that allows Berghahn to highlight featured content and collections.

·    Overhauled content pages featuring a collapsible sidebar full of features useful to researchers interacting with journal articles

·    Revamped, mobile-friendly resource pages to increase the accessibility of the site to users on all devices.



Just as importantly, the upgraded site paves the way for several great new features that will be rolled out in the coming months, including:

·    Full-text XML versions of articles, which will greatly enhance discoverability in addition to the readability of content within internet browsers and allow for an increased range of sidebar widgets to facilitate in-browser article navigation.

·    An interactive subject taxonomy of journals content to improve search capabilities on the Berghahn platform

·    Top 10 lists that update dynamically, allowing readers to engage with the most popular and widely cited Berghahn articles

·    Static tabs that will allow us to send users directly to the subpages of the journal, such as the Editorial Board and Info for Author pages.

·    Improved search functionality that will enable users to search by subject.

·   ‘Rent an Article’ access option for users who only need content for a limited amount of time.

This redesign represents an exciting step forward for Berghahn Journals, and we look forward to continuing to provide a cutting-edge platform to support the important and innovative work being published in all of our journals.

Please visit the site: