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60% off Gender Studies Titles


As we enter a New Year full of political and economic uncertainty, opportunities in education, and the integrity of evidence-based opinion and decision-making are under attack globally from a populist but neo-liberal philosophy seeking to advance, with depressing success to date, the cause of individualism over the social fabric.

While there will continue to be questions over the character, competence and temperament of many of the world’s political leaders over the coming years, Berghahn will continue to champion the values of accessible scholarly learning, and the spirit of protest, reform, equality and tolerance.

To that end, and with the Women’s March on Washington in mind, we are delighted to offer, in the form of a New Year tonic, a 60% discount off all Gender Studies titles, purchased via our website over the next 7 days. At checkout, simply enter the code NYGEN17.

The books featured below form just a small selection from our complete list of Gender Studies titles. For a full list, please visit our website.





Gender, Power and Law in Southern Pakistan

Nafisa Shah

Volume 39, New Directions in Anthropology

This is an extremely impressive achievement that makes a significant and substantial contribution to the ethnography of Pakistan and to the broader field of legal anthropology.

” · Hastings Donnan, Queen’s University of Belfast





Historical and Comparative Perspectives

Edited by Karen Hagemann, Sonya Michel and Gunilla Budde

Volume 4, Studies on Civil Society 

On the whole, this much needed book offers both a necessary corrective to and further development of theoretical thinking about and empirical analysis of civil society. It should be required reading among historians, political scientists and sociologists alike.”  ·  Journal of Contemporary European Studies



Edited by Claudia Mitchell and Carrie Rentschler

Comprised of eighteen erudite, informative, and insightful articles by experts in their field, Girlhood and the Politics of Place is enhanced with the further inclusion of an illuminating Introduction… an Epilogue, numerous figures and a table… and a twenty-one page Index. Presenting a body of seminal and original scholarship, [this volume] is an extraordinary study and highly recommended for both college and university library collections.” · Midwest Book Review



Autobiographical and Biographical Experiences

Edited by Shirley Ardener, Fiona Armitage-Woodward, and Lidia Dina Sciama

Interesting and timely. Using different research methods to arrive at the story of women involved in war and conflicts adds value to existing feminist research methods. The academic, and especially feminist, readership will benefit from this volume.” · Nahla Abdo, Carleton University



Networks, Biographies, Gender Orders

Edited by Oliver Janz and Daniel Schönpflug

This rich and varied collection of essays, tied together by the editors’ clear explanatory rationale, provides much evidence to support Janz’s and Schonpflug’s claim that a transnational perspective opens new lines of inquiry and insights for historians of international women’s and gender history.” · Women & Social Movements in the US



The Many Faces of Women in Contemporary Ukraine

Edited by Marian J. Rubchak

Foreword by Catherine Wanner


Notably the authors resist the temptation to proclaim varied strategies proof of an actually existing feminism, offering instead a multi-voiced and rich narrative of the transformation of women’s position in post-Soviet Ukraine.”  ·  Social Analysis



A Gendered Perspective on Ottoman Urban History

Edited by Nazan Maksudyan

An impressive work of seminal scholarship, Women and the City, Women in the City: A Gendered Perspective of Ottoman Urban History is a compendium of seven original articles… Enhanced with the inclusion of two pages of notes on contributors; an eighteen page bibliography; and a twenty-one page index, Women and the City, Women in the City is an especially recommended addition to academic library Women’s Studies, Turkish Cultural History, and Ottoman History reference collections and supplemental studies reading lists.” · Midwest Book Review



Gender, Mobility and Belonging in Contemporary Europe

Edited by Luisa Passerini, Dawn Lyon, Enrica Capussotti and Ioanna Laliotou

“…the result of an exciting oral history project…this rich edited volume offers a compelling look at the meanings of the feminization of intra-European migration…One of the primary strengths of the volume is its effective approach to the collection and transmission of oral histories.” · Oral History



Motherhood, Welfare and Social Policy in the Twentieth Century

Edited by Marian van der Klein, Rebecca Jo Plant, Nichole Sanders and Lori R. Weintrob

Volume 20, International Studies in Social History

A welcome addition to the literature on gender and social policy, this anthology addresses critical issues regarding women and the welfare state. Recognizing that maternalism is more diverse and nuanced than the simplification initially posed as a critique of the paternalist welfare state, the editors explore ways in which women’s circumstances varied globally during the 20th century through chapters on the US, France, Fascist Italy, the Netherlands, Soviet-era Ukraine, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico…Highly Recommended.”  ·  Choice



Women, Migration, and the Diaspora

Edited by Haci Akman

The anthology provides careful analysis based on rich empirical material that illuminates the complexity of the region (and of the migration processes that have occurred in the last thirty years) represented and acted upon as the Nordic…[Its] strength lies in its ability to pose central research questions at the crossroad between the making of the ‘Nordic’ and the original ways through which diasporic communities create gendered forms of belonging that transcend the nation-state. This ability to move between the local and the global through original and reflexive methodologies locates the anthology’s work within a broader international scholarship.”  ·  Diana Mulinari, Center for Gender Studies, University of Lund



Women, Wealth, and Tradition in the Tongan Diaspora

Ping-Ann Addo 

Volume 4, ASAO Studies in Pacific Anthropology 


“The book compellingly demonstrates how women, textile wealth and tradition are enmeshed… [and] adds considerably to the understanding of how material culture works in a contemporary society and how women can bind geographically scattered communities through the movement of these valuable objects, which are the products of female activity.”  ·  Pacific Affairs



Work, Gender, and Popular Culture in France, 1870-1914

Patricia A. Tilburg

“… a finely crafted study…The wealth of her scholarly evidence aside, Tilburg develops [her] arguments with magisterial care, resulting in a book that deserves the attention of all students of contemporary French history. Highly recommended.”  ·  Choice



Unmarried in Imperial Germany, 1871-1918

Catherine L. Dollard

Volume 30, Monographs in German History

Dollard’s work makes important contributions to German cultural history, social history, and gender history, focusing attention on the construction of the stereotype of single women as abnormal, a problem to be solved, in Imperial Germany, and the way that the German women’s movement co-opted this icon for its own purposes of reform. She also brings to attention several lesser-known German female activists who have often been overlooked.”  ·  German Studies Review



Women and Feminism in French Society and Culture 1890-1914

Edited by Diana Holmes and Carrie Tarr

Volume 9, Polygons: Cultural Diversities and Intersections  


“…this volume makes a welcome contribution to the history of women, gender, and feminism…The essays, while brief, suggest interesting lines for further inquiry based on their creative use of printed sources…as well as visual materials.”  ·  H-France Review



The International Yearbook of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern European Women’s and Gender History
Founding Editor: Francisca de Haan, Central European University

Aspasia is the international peer-reviewed annual of women’s and gender history of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe (CESEE). It aims to transform European women’s and gender history by expanding comparative research on women and gender to all parts of Europe.

Girlhood Studies
An Interdisciplinary Journal
Editor-in-Chief: Claudia Mitchell, McGill University

Girlhood Studies is a peer-reviewed journal providing a forum for the critical discussion of girlhood from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, and for the dissemination of current research and reflections on girls’ lives to a broad, cross-disciplinary audience of scholars, researchers, practitioners in the fields of education, social service and health care and policy makers.