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American Historical Association 2020-2021

We are excited to have a presence at the American Historical Association’s virtual conference, which will holding events through the first half of 2021. Please stop by our virtual booth and explore our history offerings, below.

To celebrate Virtual AHA, we are offering a 35% discount on all History titles during the entire series, ending June 2021. Use discount code AHA21 on print and eBooks ordered through our website. In addition, we are offering FREE ACCESS to our core history journals; scroll down for details.

Although we cannot meet you in person this year, we are offering many ways to connect. If you are interested in learning more about Berghahn's publishing program or have a project to discuss please contact our editor Chris Chappell ( to arrange for a virtual meeting.

We hope to see you in 2022—in the meantime, let's stay connected! Sign up for our email newsletters to get the latest on new Berghahn publications and stay up-to-date on all things History by following @BerghahnHistory on Twitter.

Featured titles

After Auschwitz

The Difficult Legacies of the GDR

The Candle and the Guillotine

Revolution and Justice in Lyon, 1789–93

Collective and State Violence in Turkey

The Construction of a National Identity from Empire to Nation-State

Conservation’s Roots

Managing for Sustainability in Preindustrial Europe, 1100–1800

Don't Need No Thought Control

Western Culture in East Germany and the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Friendship without Borders

Women's Stories of Power, Politics, and Everyday Life across East and West Germany

Globalizing Automobilism

Exuberance and the Emergence of Layered Mobility, 1900–1980

In the Shadow of the Great War

Physical Violence in East-Central Europe, 1917–1923

The Meanings of a Disaster

Chernobyl and Its Afterlives in Britain and France

Modern Lusts

Ernest Borneman: Jazz Critic, Filmmaker, Sexologist

Not Even Past

How the United States Ends Wars

The Paradoxical Republic

Austria 1945–2020

Permeable Borders

History, Theory, Policy, and Practice in the United States

Recognizing the Past in the Present

New Studies on Medicine before, during, and after the Holocaust

Resisting Persecution

Jews and Their Petitions during the Holocaust

Voices on War and Genocide

Three Accounts of the World Wars in a Galician Town

Writing the Great War

The Historiography of World War I from 1918 to the Present

New in Paperback

Communist Parties Revisited

Sociocultural Approaches to Party Rule in the Soviet Bloc, 1956-1991

Contemplating Historical Consciousness

Notes from the Field

The Devil's Captain

Ernst Jünger in Nazi Paris, 1941-1944

From Weimar to Hitler

Studies in the Dissolution of the Weimar Republic and the Establishment of the Third Reich, 1932-1934

The Mirror of the Medieval

An Anthropology of the Western Historical Imagination

Nation Branding in Modern History

Protest Cultures

A Companion

The Respectable Career of Fritz K.

The Making and Remaking of a Provincial Nazi Leader

Visitors to the House of Memory

Identity and Political Education at the Jewish Museum Berlin

The Wars of Yesterday

The Balkan Wars and the Emergence of Modern Military Conflict, 1912-13

What is Work?

Gender at the Crossroads of Home, Family, and Business from the Early Modern Era to the Present

Who Abolished Slavery?

Slave Revolts and Abolitionism
A Debate with João Pedro Marques

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Berghahn Books supports practical open access policies that help make scholarship available to a broader audience in a sustainable way. We have a growing number of Open Access texts (many offered in both ePub and .pdf format) available for direct download from our website. View the complete list of OA eBooks here.

Berghahn History Journals

Historical Reflections/Réflexions Historiques

Historical Reflections/Réflexions Historiques

Journal of Educational Media, Memory, and Society

Journal of Educational Media, Memory, and Society


The International Yearbook of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern European Women's and Gender History

Contributions to the History of Concepts

Contributions to the History of Concepts

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*Aspasia volumes 13 and 14 are Open Access.

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From the Blog


Changing the Subject: How the United States Responds to Strategic Failure

Andrew J. Bacevich

A successful marriage is one in which partners find ways of reconciling their own individual needs with those they share as a couple. The challenge is to enable me and you to coexist with us in relative harmony. To indulge in wedding day illusions of being exempt from such challenges—to fancy that a new us transcends me and you—is to guarantee mutual disappointment. The sooner all parties jettison such illusions the better.

Similar challenges are infused into civil-military relations. There, harmonizing the interests of political leaders with those of the armed services in ways that serve the well-being of the nation as a whole requires more than solemn pledges of fealty and mutual respect. Read more...

An Interview with Julie Patricia Johnson

Julie Patricia Johnson is an associate researcher at the University of Melbourne. She is the author of The Candle and the Guillotine: Revolution and Justice in Lyon, 1789–93, published by Berghahn Books. She has presented her research at international conferences and has published work in journals such as French History and Lilith: A Feminist History Journal.

Q: What drew you to study the French Revolution?
I must admit that it was Dickens who first introduced me to the French Revolution and it took some little while for me to realise how biased and unkind his representation of the sans-culottes (the poorer people who did not wear trousers) actually was. I gradually fell deeper and deeper into the spell of the period until I left my job and moved to Melbourne University from Sydney to study it further with Peter McPhee who I discovered had written a great book about Robespierre.


Voices on War and Genocide

This book is derived from research I carried out for my recent monograph, Anatomy of a Genocide: The Life and Death of a Town Called Buczacz (2018). In the course of looking for documents in scores of archives and libraries, as well as seeking personal accounts that would help me reconstruct the “biography” of a small town in eastern Europe, I found three remarkable diaries about events in Buczacz during the two world wars. While the monograph I was writing attempted to capture the individual voices of the town’s residents as a way of understanding how a community of interethnic coexistence was transformed into a site of communal genocide, it was not possible to bring to light the different protagonists’ personal stories as told from their own perspective. This is precisely what Voices on War and Genocide offers. Read more...

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