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Volume 4

Critical Interventions: A Forum for Social Analysis

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Expert Knowledge

First World Peoples, Consultancy, and Anthropology

Edited by Barry Morris and Rohan Bastin

134 pages, Pocket Size 4.25” x 7”

ISBN  978-1-84545-003-8 $12.99/£9.00 Pb Published (2004)

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“…a useful addition to the literature on professional knowledge and its application to problems extant in neoliberal settings.”  ·  PoLAR


The professionalization of anthropology through practical engagement is a major force underpinning the reformulations of the nature of the anthropological project. It is therefore imperative that anthropologists critically explore the conditions of their practices, to determine the difficulties and limitations to their ethical practice. These essays examine the application of expert knowledge in fields where there is the expectation of considerable cultural, social, and political consequence for human populations as a result of state, corporate, or non-governmental re-organization.

Rohan Bastin

Barry Morris

Janine R. Wedel

Craig R. Janes, Stevan Weine, Ralph Cintron, Ferid Agani, Elissa Dresden, Van Griffith, June Nash, Alcida Rita Ramos, Georg Henriksen, Richard Daly, Steven Robins, Barry Morris, Roland Kapferer.

Subject: Applied Anthropology

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